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Teeth Whitening

Quick Teeth Whitening RaleighWe’re pleased to offer Phillips Zoom QuickPro Whitening service to our patients. The treatment is done in just 30 minutes along with your dental appointment. You’ll see instant results, and your teeth will continue to whiten up to four shades brighter for the next few days after your visit.

This service is great for:

  • Getting your teeth whitened for your wedding, reunion, or other special event
  • Whitening your teeth for the first time
  • Switching from over-the-counter to professional whitening
  • Getting quick results – full results in just a week

Four Shades Lighter

Phillips’ innovative two-layer technology helps make your teeth up to four shades lighter quickly. First, a whitening varnish is applied by our staff. Then a quick-drying sealant layer goes on to lock the whitening varnish in place. You’ll remove the light film from your teeth (30 minutes later) by rinsing your mouth or brushing your teeth, so you can smile through the rest of your day with confidence.

Maintain Your White Smile

This whitening service includes one application of Zoom QuickPro in our office. You’ll take home custom made trays and two tubes of take-home whitening gel shortly after your initial visit. You’ll be able to easily keep your smile white since you’ll also receive two tubes of take-home whitening gel during each future cleaning appointment at our Raleigh or Durham office.

Special Introductory Rate

We’re currently offering a special for Zoom QuickPro Whitening for only $149.

Add Teeth Whitening to Your Next Appointment

See our Before and After Gallery for our Zoom QuickPro Whitening System! Contact us today to speak with our teeth whitening experts.